How do I add a merchant account profile to a payment gateway?

Setting up payment gateway profiles on Paytia

Each merchant account on the Paytia service is connected; by default to one payment provider gateway service.

Customers who require the use of more than one bank account will have multiple merchant accounts created with their payment gateway service or acquiring bank.

Paytia provides a licence allowing merchants to create and use more than one merchant account MID on their Paytia account.

Adding additional gateway accounts is carried out on the Paytia administrative console.

If you navigate to Payment gateway setup. Click on this sub-menu item.

You are now able to edit your payment gateway details. the name of the gateway will depend on the payment provider you are using and if you have already set a gateway nickname.

You can click on the edit button to change the details Paytia will use to log on to your payment gateway.

Additional payment gateways

From here if you have the correct licence on your account you will see a button top right named - Add extra account, click this button.

You will now be able to select the payment gateway provider (already entered by default)

Set a Nickname - this will be the name your business users see on their Secure Virtual Terminal Screen when they chose to take payments.

Add the security details your payment gateway provider gave you allowing you to connect over their gateway service to process money for this merchant account.

Once you have entered all these details, click Continue to proceed.

You will now see both your primary and secondary entry

You can come back at any time to change the nickname or connection details.

In the secure virtual terminal users would now have a choice of two gateway options at the point of payment.