How do I set the phone number that appears on my phone when a customer calls you?

Recognise customer calls appearing on your phone that have come via Paytia

When a customer calls your business via Paytia — i.e. they have dialled your new secure payment number, or have been routed via Paytia from your telephone system — the call can appear on your phone as either:

  1. A Paytia call; or 
  2. your customer's number

Your phone will display your new secure payment number by default.

If you wish to change this, sign in as a merchant admin, select Configure telephony  on the left-hand menu and select Call presentation.

call presentation Paytia secure virtual terminal

Then select your choice from the first drop-down circled below.

inbound call presentation paytia secure virtual terminal

Finally, remember to save your settings by clicking on the button on the bottom right of the page.