SIP call settings

How to navigate SIP call settings on the portal

The SIP call settings allow you to change how you pass telephone numbers on your telephone system, so you can see the correct CLI and DDI calling.


To find SIP call settings log into the Paytia service as an admin, from here you will see a selection of categories on the left-hand side of the page. 

Click on Configure telephony, from there you will find various sub-categories, one of which is SIP call settings, click on this.


You can change how inbound/outbound calls come through Paytia as we pass telephone numbers onto your system.


The first setting labelled CLI and DDI received are forwarded on enables you to choose whether you wish to pass both CLI & DDI to your telephone system (Inbound) or to pass onto the telephony carrier (Outbound)


The other option is if you wish to mask your personal number we can hide your DDI, we will then forward your CLI on but the DDI will be changed to the Paytia number. You can see what your Paytia number is by clicking on Payment-line under the Configure telephony category


If you wish to do this on inbound/outbound change your setting to CLI is forwarded on but DDI is changed to the Paytia call to number


The second setting is to choose which number format you wish to be made inbound or outbound to/from your phone system.

From here you can choose;

  1. E.164 format - + Two/Three digit country code, no lead zero (e.g. +44)
  2. National format - No country code (e.g. 01/02/03)
  3. National format without the lead zero - No lead zero with country code (e.g. 1/2/3)