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How do I create or use my Stripe payment accounts?

Setting up or signing into a Stipe account with Secure Virtual Terminal.

When you create a Secure Virtual Terminal account online we ask you to create or use a Stripe payment account 


Secure Virtual Terminal provides you with a secure way for customers to provide their payment card details over a telephone call without your needing to ask for them.

Stripe provides you with the ability to instruct the bank to move money from your customers card into your bank account. This makes Stripe the payment service provider in the process.

Stripe also offer additional services such as card address verification and fraud checking rules which offer an increased level of protection for your business.

You have three choices when you reach the Stripe sign up form.

1. A Stripe login box appears. If this is the case you can simply login to your Stripe account and you will be asked to authorize Secure Virtual Terminal as a Stripe approved service partner on your account.

2. You see a sign up form for a new Stripe account. If you already have a Stripe account you can select to log in at the top right using the "Sign into Stripe option".

3. You see a sign up form for a new Stripe account. If you don't have a Stripe merchant account then you can fill in this form with your company, director and bank details to open an account.