Upgrade Package

Upgrading your package whilst on the Paytia platform

Contents of upgrade package

On the left-hand side of the Paytia platform you will see a category named Subscription and billing, click here and sub-menus will appear. Please click on the sub-menu named Upgrade package.

Once at the Upgrade package sub-menu you will see two preferred upgrade options available.

  1. Upgrade current subscription - This is for businesses who have had a trial subscription with Paytia and it has ended. Please click this option if your business is happy with the Paytia trial that you were entailed to, this will upgrade you to a live version of the package you were on whilst on trial.
  2. Choose another package - Choosing another package will be available under Paytia's discretion, if you wish to choose another package please contact - salessupport@paytia.com