How to navigate the Users section

Administering users

Click on Users in the left-hand menu to change, add or delete users.

If you have available user licenses you will see the following screen.


Adding or deleting user licenses

If you wish to purchase more user licenses, click on the Buy Now button on the right. If you wish to delete unwanted user licenses, click on the corresponding button above.

Adding users

In the main panel you can add new users. If you are unsure of a given setup field, click on the help icon. Here is an explanation of some of the application-specific fields:

  • Telephone: If a user has a specific phone number they are using for making and receiving calls, log it here so that Paytia will recognise it as a 'trusted' number.
  • Three-digit user-security ID: You assign a number to your user. This is used by Paytia to identify users making payments. This is an added security and audit measure, which takes into account situations where you may have some users taking payments that do not have an email address.
  • Department: Users are grouped into departments. A single default department called "All" is created for you at setup. You can edit this department or add more, by selecting Departments on the lefthand menu.
  • User prompts: Paytia enables you to provide a department-specific user prompt that appears on the payment screen — for example, describing things that your user should explain to your customer when taking a payment. When you have assigned a user to a department, this drop-down enables you to select a prompt to assign to the user. A default prompt is setup when you onboard.
  • Editing the details of an existing user: click on the action buttons alongside the user's name
  • Setting real-time payment receipts

    By default, real-time transaction alerts are sent to the administrator and all users. In order to remove these untick the Realtime Receipt checkbox under Departments and Users. (For existing users, click on edit option against the relevant user in the Action section.