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How do I use Paytia Secure Virtual Terminal for PayPal?

How do I setup my PayPal account for Secure Virtual Terminal to connect?

You'll need to create an API username for PayPal that's different from your main account username. You can only access PayPal via API only if you have a PayPal Premier / Business / Website Payments Pro account.

Follow these steps:


Click this link 



Step 1 - Log in to your PayPal Business account.

Paypal profile access

Step 2 - Click on icon top right with your user name showing. 

Step 3 - Select Account settings the Update on API Access 

Step 4 - scroll down until you see NVP/SOAP API integration (Classic) now click Manage SDK Credentials

Step 5 - Click Manage API credentials

Step 6 - Ensure the radio button for Request an API signature is active then click Agree and Submit

Step 7 - click Show and make a note of these three values


API UsernameShow
API PasswordShow

Step 8 - When prompted enter the username, password and signature into your Secure Virtual Terminal gateway setup page. If you got stuck at this point during the setup you can log back in to Paytia and you will be taken back to that page.