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E-Form Campaigns

Take calls from customers using just your web browser. Paytia's WebRTC Browser Calling enables you to make/receive calls from customers and take a secure PCI-DSS compliant payment, all from within your browser.

Payment Dashboard | Paytia

Create campaign e-forms to
collect payments or donations securely.

Want an easy, secure, and PCI-DSS compliant way to offer payment and donation options online? Our Payment e-Form is the answer. Our platform allows you to quickly create an e-form to collect payments or donations online with ease. Trust us to handle all the technical details, including encryption of data and seamless integration with your website. Start accepting payments or donations today!

The benefits of campaign payment e-forms

PCI DSS Compliance

Maintained Customer Experience

Real-time Protection

Paytia's campaign e-forms offer a simple and secure way to collect payments remotely. Our e-forms are PCI-DSS and GDPR compliant, ensuring that your customers' data is always secure. 

 Our customizable forms work seamlessly with your existing website, and can be tailored to reflect your brand's unique aesthetic. 

Real-time protection of the Paytia PCI and GDPR compliant platform, your transactions will be safe and secure. 

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