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Stripe Customer Lookup

We keep your payments secure using 'Channel Separation'. Paytia believes this approach is much more secure than outdated approaches such as 'DTMF masking' and 'Pause and resume' solutions.


The benefits of
Customer Lookup with Stripe

Efficient Customer Interaction

Time Savings

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Agents can quickly access customer information stored in Stripe, streamlining interactions and providing a seamless experience.

With instant access to customer records, agents save time that would otherwise be spent manually gathering information.

Prompt and accurate assistance leads to improved customer satisfaction, loyalty, and positive feedback.

Streamlined Operation

Compliance Support

Personalised Service

By centralising customer data retrieval, agents work more efficiently, leading to smoother operations and improved productivity.

Access to accurate customer data assists in adhering to data protection regulations like GDPR by handling customer information securely.

Access to customer data allows agents to offer personalised assistance, addressing specific needs and preferences.

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