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How do I configure the Secure Virtual Terminal?

Secure Virtual terminal setup

The Secure Virtual Terminal from Pay729 is designed to allow business user agents to quickly enter information to support a payment where the entry of letters and number is required (this can't be easily entered just using a telephone keypad).

The Secure Virtual Terminal requires configuration from the Pay729 portal by your designated Pay729 administrator using the login account that was created when Pay729 was purchased.

Once you are logged into the Pay729 Portal you start by creating Virtual Terminal elements in the following (required) order.

1. Setup a Department

2. Add agents

3. Select Panel access for each agent created to add the agents e-mail address and automatically send an e-mail asking the agent to set their secure password.

There is no required order to setup the rest of the optional settings

4. Manage Calling Script

5. (Payment) Gateway setup

6. Account No. Section 1

6a. Account No Section 2

7. Form Settings

Getting started

1. DepartmentsMerchant VT - Manage Departments 20092019

A department in Pay729 works in two ways.

a) It is used with the license for e-mail notifications and collect AgentID for the Pay729 Secure Keyphone solution where you want to define agent names and departments that receive notification receipts and transaction reports. 

b) For the Secure Virtual Terminal. The departments represent a logical grouping of agents. At least one department must exist before you are allowed to create agentID's

In both cases if you want to send payment receipts to an agent or department such as credit control or accounts you can set the department name and email address here. Each time a transaction is taken by an agent in a department group Pay729 will email a confirmation receipt to the group email address.

Telephone numbers - where outbound calling is enabled via Pay729 you can add a trusted telephone number for a department here. Pay729 will allow outbound calls if it matches that you are calling from this trusted telephone number.

2. Agents

Merchant VT - Manage Agents 20092019

Agents exist in the system for two licenses

a) Capturing an agentID number when using the Pay729 service by telephone handset only

b) Providing the agent access to the Pay729 Secure Virtual Terminal web form application.

When you Add a new agent you will be required to

i) Select the department the agent will report to for any e-mail transaction reporting

ii) Add the three digit agentID (this is your choice how you wish to allocate these numbers).

iii) Add the name of the agent (this is for administrative functions and reporting only)

iv) Add a telephone number. Pay729 will allow outbound calls if it matches that you are calling from this trusted telephone number.. This allows you to have remote workers or agents using DDI (direct dial numbers) who can use the same Pay729 account to take payments.

v) Choose if the agent will see option buttons  allowing them to process payments on Inbound, Outbound or Blended (bi-direectional) telephone calls (The Outbound  options will not be visible unless the Outbound Calling license has been purchased).

3. Set Panel Access on the agent screen.

Merchant VT - Agent - Panel Access 20092019

Once you have created your agents you can click on the Panel Access button to set the Agent's e-mail address and to allow them to receive a verification link which allows them to set their Pay729 login password..

Login to the portal is by https://accounts.pay729.net using these values.

username = e-mail address set for the agent

password = password the agent set using the verification link from Pay729

Note: If the agent doesn't receive their verification e-mail please check your e-mail system allows e-mails from *.pay729.net and e-mails are not in junk/spam folders.

4. Manage Calling Script

The calling script allows you to populate a window on the Secure Virtual Terminal which is used to provide guidance information during the payment process, URL help links or any other information the agent should have access to when taking a payment.

Merchant VT - Calling script editor 20092019

There is a text view with editing abilities or a code view for the more technically creative.

Merchant - VT Calling Script Code View 20092019

When the agent script has been created it will be displayed in the Virtual Terminal like this

Merchant VT - Agent Script displayed in agent window 20092019

An example script might be

1. Tell your customer you no longer require them to disclose their payment card details.
2. Tell the customer they can use their telephone keypad to securely enter their card numbers.
3. Ask the customer if they have their card out ready to type in the numbers.
4. Tell the customer they can press * at anytime to speak to you again.
Click to access Paytia Help

5. (Payment) Gateway setup

Merchant VT - Manage Gateway - Main Page 20092019

The Manage Gateway function was created for businesses that wish to take payments for more than one merchant ID associated to their payment gateway account. Pay729 provides the ability for merchants using the Secure Virtual Terminal to create new payment gateway connectors and to give those entries a NickName agents will recognise when taking payments.

You may have specific names your business uses to identify which bank accounts money should be collected into. Pay729 allows you to set these names to suit your business logic.

All entries created require the selection of the payment gateway stated then for an Alpha Numeric NickName to be entered. These entries appear as a drop down list on the Virtual Terminal payment page.

VT - Agent Payment Form - Gateway Nickname 20092019

6.Account number sections

Unique Account Number Menu

The Account number sections allow our merchants to build up two part account numbers i.e. our account number always start ACC then they continue either 001, 002, 003 or CC1. The account numbers then finish off with unique letters or numbers per customer.

We provide the ability for merchants to create these variations themselves and to link account numbers directly to the payment gateway nickname they have selected. The objective is to remove human error and to speed up data entry time when taking payments.

Once created the Account number appears as the Partial Account number field on the agent payment form.

Merchant VT - Agent Partial Account Number in agent window 20092019

6a. Account No. Section 1

This allows you to create a link between the payment gateway the account number is relevant to and the starting value of the account number you are creating. (This is not a required field unless using Account No. Selection 2).

In this process you will select the Company Name (this was the Gateway NickName set earlier).

You will then type in the start of your account number up to the point where it becomes variable.

Merchant VT - Account Number Section 1 - Main 20092019

6b. Account No Section 2

This allows you to create a link between the Account No. 1 value that has been created and the next part of the account number up to the point when the account number becomes unique per customer. (This is not a required field, if un-used it will be ignored).

In this process you will select the Account No. 1 value you set earlier and then you will then type in the next part of your account number up to the point where it becomes unique per customer. You can add as many of these as you wish.

Merchant - VT Account Number Section 2 - Add 20092019-1

7. Form Settings

The form settings page allows you to customise the name and explanation text of each field on the Secure Virtual Terminal form so fields names can be changed to meet your business logic. You are able to rename fields so agents recognise what information to enter.

If you want to add credit card address verification with your payment provider then select the ADV toggle to on. You can now control the billing and shipping fields as well.