Payments by phone for Cybersource

However large or small your business, take payments securely and easily over the telephone, directly into your Cybersource account using Paytia Secure Virtual Terminal.




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Secure Virtual Terminal for Cybersource

Secure phone payments made simple

Paytia makes it easy for any business — from sole trader to large enterprise — to take payments securely over the phone. 

By enabling you to better protect your customer’s card details, we help you build customer trust, comply with payment-security and data-protection regulations like PCI DSS, CCPA and GDPR and avoid potentially penal transaction-charges or fines from your bank.

A secure cloud-based service integrated with major payment providers, Secure Virtual Terminal is effortless to deploy, easy to configure to your specific needs and simple to use

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How it works

STEP 1    

Your customer calls you

Your customer calls your secure-payment phone number (or you can call them).


Enable secure-payment mode

When ready to take a payment enter the amount to be paid and any reference you wish to add, then you use your telephone keypad to invoke 'secure-payment mode.' 


Customer makes payment

The Paytia Voice assistant asks your customer to confirm the amount and submit their card details using their telephone keypad


Authorising the payment

You track progress and payment authorisation in real time while you and your customer remain on the call.

Pricing & plans

Start your Paytia FREE trial. Cancel anytime.

At the end of your trial you will be automatically upgraded to your selected package. You can upgrade or delete your account at any time.


All the essential features for secure and simple payment processing.

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  • 1000 call minutes
  • Take basic payments by phone
  • Fully PCI DSS compliant


Our most popular package ideal for businesses seeking advanced productivity tools.

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  • Unlimited call minutes*
  • Advanced payments by phone and reporting
  • Fully PCI DSS compliant


For enterprises seeking customised configurations and features.

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  • Unlimited call minutes*
  • Custom payment by phone solution
  • Fully PCI DSS compliant

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