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Chat Payments

A secure and compliant payments for chatbots

Accept secure and compliant credit card payments during a chatbot conversation.

Smart, secure and compliant

Quickly process card payments over chatbot conversations without the customer reading their card details aloud.

No extra equipment or installs needed

Use any HTML5 enabled browser and any phone system to process payments. No card readers or on site installation required.

PCI-DSS compliant
without the hassle

Paytia is a PCI-DSS Level 1 Service Provider. You have no access and no need to store cardholder data when taking a payment. 

Paytia Chat Section

This is how it works:

  1. A customer requests to make a payment during a chat conversation with an agent or a chatbot.

  2. The agent puts the chat conversation in secure payment mode. Enabling the customer to enter their card details in private.

  3. The agent and the customer are displayed confirmation of payment during h

Accepting Secure Payments with Your Website Chatbot Is Easy

Key Features of
Chat Payments

Paytia Chat Payments offers a robust suite of features designed to streamline your payment processes. From effortless payment capture to stringent security controls, our platform ensures a seamless experience. 

Fully Customisable

Personalize payment forms and  with your own business wording for a branded experience.

Guided Payment Process

Built-in chat instructions

ensure smooth payments

without lengthy training.

Multiple Payment Types

Paytia Chat Section

Personalize payment forms and  with your own business wording for a branded experience.

Channel Separation

Agents and call recorders are safeguarded from accidental card data exposure.

Local Phone Number

Choose a free local phone number with Paytia Payments enabled. Use of existing business phone lines is possible.

Full PCI-DSS Compliance

Comply with PCI-DSS without needing to pay a monthly MOTO compliance charge.

Discover the power of Paytia's self-service approach, providing businesses with the autonomy and control they need. Our intuitive platform empowers businesses to set up and manage payment solutions independently, reducing dependency on third parties and minimizing delays.


With Paytia's self-service model, businesses can swiftly adapt to changing needs, customize solutions to match their unique requirements, and maintain a competitive edge in today's fast-paced market.

Easy self-service installation

Industry Use Cases

Professional Services
Hospitality and Leisure
Government and Public Sector
Auction Houses
Housing Associations

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