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PCI Compliance Services

Comply with PCI-DSS with ease.

Whilst Paytia can provide a compliant card payment service and outsource the PCI risk of card processing, Merchants will still have PCI Controls they need to adhere to such as Training, Security Policy and other PCI security controls. Thats why we teamed up with our long term partner Gradeon to provide an easy to consume service to assist you with this process.

By using our Gradeon PCI services, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Complete your PCI compliance: Paytia can only get you so far. Gradeon can take you the whole way. Having a payment gateway is only part of your PCI-DSS compliance journey. PCI-DSS service providers don't always pass on their compliance to you. If it goes wrong you are liable.

  • Improved Security: Our services are designed to improve your business's security posture, reducing the risk of data breaches and protecting your customers' sensitive information.

  • Peace of Mind: By complying with the PCI DSS, you can rest assured that your business is doing everything possible to protect your customers' data and avoid costly fines.

  • Expert Guidance: Our team of experts will provide you with the guidance and support you need to achieve and maintain PCI compliance, allowing you to focus on running your business.

  • Impartial advice: Gradeon operates as an intermediary to find the right auditor and the right approach for your business.

The Benefits of Using Gradeon PCI Services

"The Gradeon team were fantastic, achieving PCI-DSS compliance quickly whilst upgrading our systems and processes to achieve a higher level of security. We were extremely impressed with their efficiency, knowledge and technology partners.

What are Gradeon PCI Services?

Gradeon are experts at ensuring auditors apply the correct approach and scope to your card payment solutions. Auditors interpretation of the PCI DSS can differ widely; having an expert intermediary has proved invaluable for Gradeon's clients.

We also ensure your service providers are clear on their role and responsibilities and have the appropriate certifications to protect you and your customers card data.

PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Remove the frustration of choosing the wrong Self-Assessment Questionnaire.

Gradeon provide a comprehensive service that includes:

  • Identification of the appropriate SAQ

  • Assistance with completing the SAQ

  • Review of the completed SAQ for accuracy and completeness

  • Guidance on remediation of any identified deficiencies

  • QSA auditor approved SAQ

  • For larger organisations Gradeon support ROC AOC audits.

PCI Validation - We do it for you

 We offer assisted PCI validation services to help our customers with PCI-DSS compliance. Our PCI validation services include:

  • PCI consultant: A team of experienced PCI consultants who can help your business identify the appropriate level of PCI validation required and guide you through the process.

  • PCI eligibility criteria: Determine if your business is eligible for SAQ or required to perform ROC AOC process. 

  • Annual PCI validation: Optional support to ensure your compliance is on time, every time. 

  • PCI DSS v4.0: We are up-to-date on the latest version of PCI-DSS (v4.0) and can assist your transition to the new standard.

Stay compliant and reduce costs

Gradeon work with cutting edge technology and cloud solutions to do magical things like reduce the number of compliance controls from hundreds to dozens whilst you focus on running your business.

If you’d like more information about Gradeon compliance services, please contact us today.

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