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Secure Virtual Terminal

A secure and compliant Virtual Terminal for payments by phone

A Secure Virtual Terminal turns your computer into a payment card terminal. It’s perfect for taking secure and compliant credit and debit cards over the phone without customers reading their credit card details aloud to a stranger.

Smart, secure and compliant

Quickly process card payments over the phone without the customer reading their card details aloud.

No extra equipment or installs needed

Use any HTML5 enabled browser and any phone system to process payments. No card readers or on site installation required.

Channel Separation - Security Guaranteed

Secure Virtual Terminal utilises Channel Separation to ensure no cardholder data can enter your systems.

How it works

Secure Virtual Terminal lets you take card payments and receive authorization in real-time, during your customer call — just like you would using a card reader or a virtual  terminal.


Make or receive a call

Make or receive a phone call from your customer


Capture payment data

Capture additional customer payment data


Dial 729 (P-A-Y)

Dial 729 (PAY) on your phone keypad to start the payment process


Track card submission

Track payment card data submission with live audio and visual updates


Receive Instant Authorisation

Receive live authorization of the payment instantly while on the call.


Finish conversation with customer

You are reconnected to finish your conversation with your customer.

Choice of secure payment capture

Channel Separation

Channel Separation employs an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system during the payment process in a phone call. This IVR acts as a mediator between the customer and the agent at the time of payment. It guides both the customer and the agent through the payment process, ensuring that sensitive card data is entered directly into the IVR and remains inaccessible to the agent or business systems.


An important advantage of this method is that it requires no special training for either party. The IVR provides all necessary instructions, making it intuitive for customers and agents to use. This simplicity in operation not only enhances security but also streamlines the payment process.

DTMF Suppression

DTMF Suppression involves muting the tones of keypresses (like when entering a credit card number) during a phone call. This method helps protect the customer's sensitive information by preventing the possibility of decoding the numbers from the keypress sounds. However, unlike Channel Separation, DTMF Suppression requires significant training. The agent must be thoroughly trained in how to use DTMF Suppression.


Moreover, in each transaction, the agent is responsible for instructing or training the customer on how to enter their payment details correctly while the suppression feature is active.


This requirement for training on both the agent's and the customer's part can add complexity to the payment process and may lead to a higher risk of errors or security lapses compared to the more straightforward Channel Separation method.

Key Features of
Secure Virtual Terminal

Paytia Secure Virtual Terminal offers a robust suite of features designed to streamline your payment processes. From effortless payment capture to stringent security controls, our platform ensures a seamless experience. 

Laptop mock up.png

Fully Customisable

Channel Separation

Local Phone Number

Choose a free local phone number with Paytia Payments enabled. Use of existing business phone lines is possible.

Agents and call recorders are safeguarded from accidental card data exposure.

Personalize payment forms and  with your own business wording for a branded experience.

Guided Payment Process

Built-in audio instructions

ensure smooth payments

without lengthy training.

Multiple Payment Types

Personalize payment forms and  with your own business wording for a branded experience.

Full PCI-DSS Compliance

Comply with PCI-DSS without needing to pay a monthly MOTO compliance charge.

"We highly recommend Paytia to any business wanting to enable distributed and remote working whilst removing the risk and uncertainty of a potential data breach, fraud and PCI fines.”

Flexible payment plans and a 14 day free trial

Embrace flexibility with Paytia's flexible payment plans, choose between monthly rolling and a 12 month contract. Plus we offer a 14-day free trial. We believe in fair partnerships, allowing businesses to test our platform risk-free.


Say goodbye to rigid commitments and hello to the freedom of choice. Paytia enables you to experience our secure payment solutions firsthand, ensuring they align perfectly with your needs before making any commitments.

Discover the power of Paytia's self-service approach, providing businesses with the autonomy and control they need. Our intuitive platform empowers businesses to set up and manage payment solutions independently, reducing dependency on third parties and minimizing delays.


With Paytia's self-service model, businesses can swiftly adapt to changing needs, customize solutions to match their unique requirements, and maintain a competitive edge in today's fast-paced market.

Easy self-service installation

Key Benefits

  • User-Friendly Interface for Agents and Customers

  • Fully Compliant with Level 1 PCI-DSS Version 4.0 Standards

  • Secure Transmission of Cardholder Data (CHD) via DTMF Suppressed Keypad Entry or Voice Recognition

  • Seamless Conversation Integration for Card Details Collection

  • Effortless Deployment with 100% Hosted Solution, No On-Site Installation Needed

  • Multiple Agent Logins for Enhanced Team Collaboration

  • Real-Time Reporting via Paytia Dashboard for Instant Insights

  • Eliminates the Requirement to Pause Call Recordings

  • Enhanced Agent Experience with Optimized Paytia Dashboard

  • Compatibility with Leading Payment Service Providers and Telephony Providers

  • Flexible Integration Options for CRM or Billing Systems

  • Competitive Rates for Calls and Transactions

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