How do I add extra Paytia portal administrative users?

Add users that can access the Paytia portal to see only certain menu options for their job

If you have users that need to access functions within the merchant portal you can now create -

1. Profile roles.

2. New administrative users.

1. Profile roles

The profile role consists of two parts. The first is the Name of the role. This is a free text name you can call the type of job role being utilised in your business.

The second is the menu items you want to allow the job role to be.

 able to access.

Creating the Profile role.

Once logged into the Paytia administrative portal you can now access the Creat admin roles option from the My Profile menu option

Once you are in the My Profile menu 

Click on the Create admin user roles sub-menu option.



This will load the Create admin user roles settings.

Click on the button to start adding a new role profile.

You can now set the role name and pick the menu items this users will be allowed to see when they login.

Once you have set up the admin role click the button to finish.

2. New administrative users.

Now you can add new user profiles to utilise your new administrative role.

Click on the My Profile menu and this time click the Create admin users sub-menu options

This will load the Create  admin user roles settings page.

You can now add the First Name, Last Name and email address of your new user and you can select the type of admin role they will be assigned.

Now you can click the button to add your new user profile.

You will now see this message.

2a. User password setup.

Your new user will receive an email from Paytia allowing them to verify their email address and set their secure access password.

Your user will now click the Verify Email Address button on the email or they can copy and paste the included link into a web browser to verify the link and set their password.

Once the link has been clicked the user will see.

They can now add and confirm their secure user password.

Once they have set their password they press the button to continue. 

The Paytia service will now send them a confirmation email.

Now the user is all set to access only the parts of the administrative portal that they require for their job role.

In this example, we restricted access to Billing menu options. When our user now logs into the Paytia administrative portal.

Paytia admin portal

They will now only see the Billing menus we added to the Admin role.

In this case, it was