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How do I purchase additional numbers?

How to buy additional telephone numbers for your account

Paytia provide a licence on some packages allowing our customers to purchase more than one inbound telephone number for their account.

You might be diverting telephone services through Paytia from your business telephone system or have different staff that you require to have their own dedicated telephone number.

If the Buy more numbers licence is active on your account you will find the setting to add more numbers in the Paytia merchant portal under the Configure telephony, Payment line menu and sub-menu.

Once the page is loaded you will see a button allowing you to click to Buy more numbers.

When the page loads you will see

You can now search for available numbers by area code in your operating country. Paytia allows you to buy multiple numbers to add to your account.

Once you are finished click the Click here to continue button

You will now find your chosen numbers listed at the bottom of the 

  • Configure telephony >  Configure your secure-payment line menu

Each telephone number can be put on call forward delivery to a telephone number of your choice. This could be a business or mobile telephone number.