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Can I send my customer a payment receipt?

You can. This article explains how to activate, setup and use the customer payment-receipts function

1. Setting up the payment-receipt function

2. How to send customers a payment receipt

1. Setting up the payment-receipt function

  1. Go into the administration portal  and select 'Configure user screen' on the lefthand menu
  2. Click the 'Data-capture' sub-menu.  Here is the link to that page.
  3. You will see a field name called 'Customer email address'. Click the edit button on the far right of that row. This will open up the edit form. 

  4. Set the Required/Not Required option to "Not Required". This will show it, but make it optional to complete.
  5. Set Hide/Show to "Show" to add the customer-email field to your users' payment screen.

2. How to send customers a receipt 

Now customer receipts are enabled your users will see the tick-box option in the Secure Virtual Terminal to send your customer a payment receipt when a successful payment is transacted.

This option appears below the amount field on the payment form.

When ticked you will be able to type in your customer's email address

Once a successful payment completes the customer will be emailed a payment receipt.