How do I replace the operating country to change the currency my business takes payments in?

Change the currency you take payments in

The operating country licence was created to allow businesses to have a telephone number from one country but take payments in a different currency.

i.e. US telephone number with GBP payment processing

The operating country is controlled by a licence so may not be active on your account by default.

The choice of country also controls the following

1. Currency

2. System prompts for currency played to customers i.e. US = $ and cents UK = £ and pence

The Paytia Portal

From the Manage payments, Operating country menu and submenu.

You can then use the slider button to change the default country profile for you account. Allocated available countries are configured on the Paytia platform at a partner level so you may need to contact your Paytia service partner to have these increased if the correct country does not show.