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How do I turn off the Keyphone setting?

The Keyphone setting will allow you the choice on whether you wish your merchant/agent to take payments via the phone without the use of Secure Virtual Terminal. This article will guide you on how to access this setting.

Contents of Keyphone setting

Once logged in, you should see the merchant portal, on the left-hand side of the portal you will see a sub-menu labelled settings. From here click on feature settings, this will open a new page which will show all available feature settings within the Paytia portal that you can access.

If you have the following feature setting, you will see the option to turn it on/off just as the image shows below.

When the setting is turned on - Whilst taking a payment, if no amount value has been sent by the agent prior to the input of 7-2-9, then the agent will be asked to enter the amount of the transaction using a telephone keypad.

When the setting is turned off - This ensures that the agent cannot make a payment without the use of the Secure Virtual Terminal.

This stops merchants -

  • Being left with completed transactions without any details/meta data that the merchant later on may be reliant on when reviewing past transactions.
  • Creating transactions without any contact details of the customer, thus making a payment which then has no specification of address 

    Whilst on a call to a customer with this setting turned off, the agent will hear "Sorry, we have no transaction stored against your agent ID, please start your transaction again."