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How do I set up Secure Virtual Terminal for the first time?

How to get up and running using Secure Virtual Terminal

Sign up and log in

When you purchase Secure Virtual Terminal you will receive a website link that relates to the product package your purchased.

Submit your details and you will receive a verification email. 

When you verify your identity you can log into the service.

When you have logged in, you can start the four-step set up.

Step 1: Connecting your payment-provider account to your Paytia service

Follow the instructions.  The process of connecting your payment gateway/provider to your Paytia Secure Virtual Terminal will vary by provider.  In the case of Stripe, all you need is your username, and password.

Step 2: Set up your telephony

To take payments on a phone call, that call must pass through the Paytia platform.

To connect, we provide you with a new phone number that is unique to your business. 

To enable customers to call you and make a payment, you can either:

  • Publish the new number to customers, or
  • Ask your telephone provider to forward your existing number to Paytia

Other configurations can be accommodated — contact us for more information.

We also ask you to confirm to what number we want to connect customer calls. The platform will recognize this number when you make payment calls to customers ('outbound' calls).

Step 3: Register your payment card

You will then be asked to register your payment card for billing.

Step 4: Setting up users

Now add your users.

If you intend to administer the service AND use it to take payments, then simply tick the box highlighted below.

Assign your users a three-digit security ID which will be requested when they take a payment.

user screen

You're ready to go!

You now have two choices — start taking payments or access the administration console where you can perform configuration, analysis and reporting tasks.

1. Start taking payments: 

In this case, logout and then log back in as a user. (You use the same user name and password if you are user and administrator.) 

For more information on how to take a payment read this article.

2. Access the administration console:

Read this article for more information on how to change your setup, customize your agent payment screen instructions, and many other features,