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How do I use Secure Virtual Terminal to take payments?

How users of Secure Virtual Terminal sign in, receive calls, make calls and take payments

First things first

If you have been set up as a user then you will have received a 'welcome' email.  If you don't, then ask your administrator to create you as a user

Note if you are an administrator and wish to take payments, then you will need to create a separate user account. (This can be easily achieved by creating a separate email address using, for example, aliases in Outlook or Google's 'dot blindness' to create an alternative address within the same account.)


To use Paytia to take payments you must be logged in.

Payment starts

This screen allows you to choose between processing and inbound payment and starting and outbound telephone call to your customer.

Outbound provides an extra step related to dialling telephone numbers of customers.

SVT payment type

Handling incoming calls

When a customer calls your Paytia secure-payment phone number, you simply login to your use console, select the "Inbound" button and follow the instructions. 

SVT Inbound screen 1-1

Complete your customer and transaction details as required and then click Submit Payment Request

Go to "invoking secure payment mode"

Making outbound calls

When making an outbound call to your customer, type in their telephone number into the Paytia screen followed by SAVE to store the number we will dial.

SVT outbound start step1

Once you have clicked SAVE you will see the additional steps for placing your outbound call.

SVT outbound start step2and3

Follow steps 2 and 3. Dial your allocated Paytia payment service number.

When you hear the call answered it will ask you to enter your user security ID number (shown on your screen). Enter your user security number using your telephone’s keypad. Once your agent ID is confirmed the Next button will become available to click.

Paytia will now automatically call the number you saved in step 1 for you.

Once your customer answers the call you can press the Next button to proceed.

Note: The Skip button will move you to the next screen. Some users like to enter the payment information prior to calling their customers. The skip button allows you to do this. You can either enter the telephone number you want Paytia to call using the Step 1

SVT outbound start step1a

Upon answer you will be asked to type in your three-digit user-security ID, at which point the customer will be automatically called.

You will now move to the data capture page so you can enter the details of the transaction you will be placing.

SVT Inbound screen 1-1

This will take you to the transaction page. You are now ready for Paytia to securely capture your customers payment card details.

Invoking secure payment mode

Follow the on-screen instructions to assist you.

SVT transaction step 1

Step 1 Dial 729 on your phone keypad to start secure-payment mode.

Step 2 The Paytia Voice Assistant will then guide you and your customer separately through the payment process, while ensuring you do not hear any card details.

Note: On Inbound calls we will also ask you to enter your secure user ID which will be displayed on the screen.

SVT Inbound - transaction page steps

As soon as you have entered your user security ID your customer will have the payment amount or transaction type read out to them. Your customer will follow a set of audio instructions to complete the payment stages for payment card capture.

As the customer submits their card data, you can track progress on your screen a digit at a time.

Card status part filled

The Paytia Voice Assistant will let you know if the payment was successful or not, and you will see any corresponding messages from your payment-service provider on your screen.

If the payment fails you will see the reason why it was unsuccessful, allowing you to then follow up with the customer on the call.

SVT PSP outcomes

Transaction results will be shown directly to you in the Authorisation code (this is information from the bank processing the transaction and Processing bank message (this can be the payment service provider/gateway transaction response).

Both messages can be used to confirm the success or failure of a payment so you can decide on how to proceed next.

Extra security checks are used in conjunction with fraud rules setup with your payment provider. If rules are in place, we will show you if a card passed or failed extra security validation for the card holders registered address and the security code of the card being valid.

SVT Extra scurity checks

Once completed you can either go to the homepage or you can take another payment with the same customer by clicking Take additional payment (if on the same telephone call).

Use the Take Payment menu item to start a brand-new payment.

SVT take payment menu item