How do I present calls from a custom telephone number through Paytia?

Using a telephone number that you are not calling out from as the call line ID on Paytia

If your business uses a telephone number that you are not calling out from, and you would like Paytia to mask your telephone calls with that telephone number you can speak with sales to add the ‘Bespoke CLI licence’.

The ‘Bespoke CLI licence’ will allow Paytia to assign a custom telephone number to your account that will be presented on all outbound calls your business makes via Paytia.

Paytia is obligated to have you complete authorisation and to evidence you have permission to use the custom telephone number before it will be allocated to your account.

Once the number is added you will be able to select it from your Paytia administration portal so it shows on all your outbound calls.


Setting the custom number on your account. Log into your Paytia account. Once in click the link below.

The Call presentation screen allows you to select the number Paytia presents when making outbound calls.

Select the dropdown and pick the custom telephone number that has been assigned to your account.

Now click on Save Settings to activate the custom number.