Why aren't my customers details being seen in the reports after the payment has been made?

Customers details are not appearing in Paytia's or payment gateway's reports

If this is the case then this means you are taking a payment via Keyphone.

Keyphone is our other product which let's you create a payment without the use of the Secure Virtual Terminal (I.e. Using your mobile)

We suggest that if the agent listens to hear if the IVR prompt asks them to "Please enter the amount you wish your customer to pay today followed by # to confirm"

If this does occur, the agent will need to -

  1. Press * whilst on the call (So your agent can hear the customer)

  2. Go back to the previous payment screen where the customers information was entered.

  3. Press submit on the bottom right of the page again, this will take you to the second payment screen.

  4. Press 7-2-9 and make a payment