How do I add agents?

Adding agents for capturing agentID and using the Virtual Terminal

Merchant VT - Manage Agents 20092019

Agents exist in the system for two licenses

  1. a) Capturing an agentID number when using the Pay729 service by telephone handset only
  2. b) Providing the agent access to the Pay729 secure Virtual Terminal web form application.

When you Add a new agent you will be required to

  1. i) Select the department the agent will report to for any e-mail transaction reporting
  2. ii) Add the three digit agentID (this is your choice how you wish to allocate these numbers).

iii) Add the name of the agent (this is for administrative functions and reporting only)

  1. iv) Add a telephone number (this is not required and again is currently for record keeping only)

v) Choose if the agent will see option buttons for Inbound, Outbound or Blended calling for payment handling (Outbound will not be visible unless the Outbound Calling license has been purchased.