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Changing the Virtual Terminal Address Fields

Changing the billing and shipping city fields from city selection to manual input

For customers that have the Pay729 virtual terminal licence enabled you are able to make changes to the billing and shipping city fields so agents can either select a city name from the list or they can free type/paste in the city name.

When you log onto the Pay729 management portal as the administrator account you will see the Virtual Terminal Menu option on the left.

1. You can select Agent form settings

2. Select the customer address detail tab

Note you need to have AVS selected for the address items to show on the agent virtual terminal.

3. Click Edit on the Billing City value

This automatically sets the same for Shipping City.


Edit billing city

Change the Field Type to Input or searchable

Input - allows agents to freely type any city name into the box

Searchable - displays a list of cities for the chosen country and allows the agent to start typing characters of the city to narrow the search for the city they want to select.