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Starting your Pay729 Trial

Signing up for a Pay729 account

When you sign up for a Pay729 account you are asked to choose a dedicated secure telephone number from Paytia's available number list.

Note: there are custom services available if your business needs to use their existing telephone number with the Pay729 service, but this requires changes to your current telephony call routing or moving your number to the service through a number porting process.

When you have chosen the product package you want to start with you will be taken to the product sign up page.

The Package you have chosen will be shown on the top left of the sign up page. This details the package name and secure minutes bundle included. Sign up 1 - top left corner

We need some information from you to create your account. These are as follows -

1. We require your First Name and Last Name. 

2. We require that you enter the email account you want invoices and billing sent to. This will be your main login to the Pay729 system.

3. We require you to set a secure password. This must be a minimum of 8 characters and complex to include at least 1x UPPERCASE 1x lowercase and a special character e.g. "?$%

Sign up 1 - name and email address

4. Now you can scroll down to pick a dedicated telephone number.

When customers call this number we will forward their telephone call to you on a telephone number of your choosing.

Sign up 1 - numbers

So depending on the country you are in and the package you choose the Country code will already be selected. To load numbers for different cities you can use the Area Code box. Simply start typing the name of the city and you will see a list matching the letters you have typed.

Click the magnifying glass symbol to load the numbers in the available numbers list.

If you want to look for a pattern of numbers you can use the Number search box and by selecting the filter icon on the far right you can choose a pattern match for any digits you type appearing:-

First part of the number

Anywhere in the number

Last part of the number

Sign up 1 - Pick Number

To select a number left mouse click on the number you want to reserve.

Sign up 1 - number reserved

5. Now all that remains is to accept our terms and conditions and certify that you are not a robot using the reCAPTCHA tick box.

Sign up 1 - Terms

6. Click Submit to move to the next step

Other things on the page that you might want to know about

a) Help text - explains some information related to this process and fields you are completing

Sign up 1 - help section

b) Your Account Summary shows details of the trial or package you have selected. If using a trial period this will display to show you are not being charged for the trial. Once an account moves to LIVE the package costs will be charged.

 Sign up 1 - account summary

c) Help icons help icon show help text when you hover your mouse cursor over them.