Barclaycard Virtual Terminal

Adapt your sales strategy to accept payments over the phone with our Barclaycard Secure Virtual Terminal integration. 
Barclaycard Virtual Terminal
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Barclaycard payments by phone


Secure Virtual Terminal for Barclaycard

Secure phone payments made simple

Paytia makes it easy for any business — from sole trader to large enterprise — to take payments securely over the phone. Your business will no longer have to pay barclaycard pci dss non compliance fees.

By enabling you to better protect your customer’s card details, we help you build customer trust, comply with payment-security and data-protection regulations like PCI DSS, CCPA and GDPR and avoid potentially penal transaction-charges or fines from your bank.

A secure cloud-based service integrated with major payment providers, Secure Virtual Terminal is effortless to deploy, easy to configure to your specific needs and simple to use

What is a pre authorised payment?


Pre-authorization is not a payment, but a temporary booking / withdrawal of a certain amount on a customer’s credit card. For example in hotels, it is usually equivalent to one or two nights for booking. You can always convert pre-authorization into later payment if, for example, the customer is not visible or there is an additional cost. You can also cancel previous authorizations if payment is made otherwise.

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Barclaycard payment by phone

Why choose Barclaycard


Expert support

If you’re dealing with a chargeback, have questions about your invoice, or need guidance on how to optimise your payments, Barclaycard's online support articles and UK-based support teams can help.

Accept more genuine payments

With our Payment Acceptance Optimisation services, we can help you grow your business by ensuring that more legitimate payments are approved and are in your account in 2-3 working days.

You can grow your brand abroad and serve more international customers by trading and settling in multiple currencies.

Filter out fraud

Barclaycard helps our customers to optimise payment conversions with our in-built, data-driven fraud tools, which intelligently block fraud, and allow genuine customers through.

Barclaycard Secure Virtual Terminal

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