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Become a Paytia partner and effortlessly tap into growing consumer trust and compliance-led demand for better ways to take card payments securely over the phone.


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What we do 


Here at Paytia, we help businesses of any size to take secure payments over the phone. Instead of reading sensitive and private credit card details to staff, customers can type them in using their telephone keypad.

All our products are designed for use straight out the box and we are a PCI Level one service provider.

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Paytia has a number of partnership options from the simple referral of opportunities through to a white-labeled service


Depending on your type of business each option presents its own opportunities, depending on how much or how little you wish to be involved in selling and supporting the services provided.

Diversification of your proposition into payments allows you to generate fresh revenue from your existing customers without churning existing revenue.

  • Capitalize on the growing card payments market, delivering 10% year on year growth without having to make the substantial infrastructure or compliance investment
  • Offer a value-added service to your customers or members that will generate additional revenue for your business whilst bringing your customers closer to you. A customer with more reasons to interact with your business will stay loyal for longer
  • Offer a service to your customers or members that support their ability to collect money from their customers and delivers savings to their business
  • Deliver a unique innovative product into a global market
  • Deliver new services and let us take care of the compliance obligations for you
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Lean On The Experts

You don’t have to do it alone. Our team of experts is waiting to help you.