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Who We Are

At Paytia, our mission is to empower businesses worldwide with secure and seamless payment solutions designed to ensure that your business never has access to customer card data. We strive to simplify complex payment processes while implementing robust security measures that protect sensitive information at all times and help you comply with data protection regulations such as 



With innovation and compliance at our core, we are dedicated to being your reliable partner in payment success, driving growth and efficiency for your business. Together, let's unlock the potential of payments for a connected and prosperous future, built on trust and data protection.

How it works


Fill in payment form

Capture additional payment data such as:

  • Reference and account numbers

  • Shipping and Billing address

  • Advanced address verification check


Dial 729

Once the secure payment form has been filled in. The Agent can dial 729 (pay) using their phone keypad. This invokes secure payment mode which is powered by channel seperation. This ensures no cardholder data can be accessed by your staff or business systems


Securely process payment

The Paytia voice assistant guides both the customer and the agent through the secure payment process. The customer is prompted to enter their card details using their phone keypad. Once the payment is completed the customer is reconnected to the agent.

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