Secure Virtual Terminal

Paytia secure online Virtual Terminal allows employees to quickly type payment information into the web form during a call. Card data is secured with the cardholder simply using their telephone handset to enter the card details. The payments process is simple and the transaction securely processed without the sensitive card data ever being heard by staff.

What is a secure virtual terminal?

A virtual terminal is a secure web page in your internet browser where you can process card payments online. It is called “virtual” because it functions like a credit card terminal but through a non-physical software application rather than a physical terminal.

Payments are usually completed without the cardholder present, for example, if you take a booking, reservation or order for a product over the telephone. In order to take a payment securely, all you need are three things – a Paytia virtual terminal, computer or mobile device, and an internet connection.

We already take payments using a virtual payment terminal so why is a secure virtual payment terminal different?

Currently when you need to take your customers payment card details over a telephone call you ask the customer to read out their card details then you write them down or type them straight into the virtual terminal screen.

A virtual payment terminal allows you to carry out exactly the same payment but without the cardholder needing to disclose their payment card details to you verbally over the telephone. Instead, a Paytia virtual terminal allows your customer to use their telephone keypad to enter the card details during the call.

Paytia also enables business customers to meet their PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) obligations by removing access to payment card details from employees when transacting payments over a telephone call. This can mean no more non-compliance charges for payments marked as MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order) 

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What Our Customers Say

Paytia have allowed us to remove the risk to agents handling payment card data and made it simpler to evidence the process for our FCA and GDPR reporting where payments are concerned. The Virtual Terminal application has simplified the process of collecting payments without the need for us to change our systems or telephone service.

An FCA Regulated Load Management Company
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