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Adding Secure Payments Processing to Your Telecom Service

Offering additional value-added services can distinguish your offerings and boost your revenue. Paytia introduces a seamless, secure payment processing solution tailored specifically for carrier phone service providers. Leverage our PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant platform to enable your customers to safely handle payment transactions without ever accessing sensitive card details.

Single Integration

Easily activate secure payment processing across all business customer phone numbers and calls with one integration step.

Comprehensive Service Options

From billing solutions to customer-
initiated transactions, offer a range of payment services that elevate your existing telecom offerings.

New Revenue Stream

Tap into new payment revenue opportunities from transactions processed on behalf of your business customers. Earn money on every transaction processed on your phone network.

Customizable Solutions

Our white-label options allow you to seamlessly integrate our services under your brand, maintaining a consistent customer experience.

Outsource PCI Compliance

Shift the responsibility of capturing and handling card details to Paytia’s secure, compliant platform.

User Friendly Design

Both you and your business customers will enjoy an intuitive experience, from the self-service onboarding portal to the day-to-day management of transactions.

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