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How do I configure Aircall with Paytia?

Configuring Aircall with Paytia

Paytia sign up


1. Enter in your email address, set a password and accept terms of use.

2. Check your email for verification link.

3. Verify email address and log in.

4. Select 'Get started'

5. Sign in or sign up for a Stripe account

6. Confirm the currency you want to take payments in

7. Confirm payment handling details.

8. Click 'Next'

9. Select your Paytia secure payment telephone number.

10. Confirm the billing details and enter in credit or debit card details.


Aircall Configuration


1. On https://accounts.pay729.net, enter the email address and password you set earlier and click login.

2. Click 'Connect With Aircall' to begin configuration.

3. Click 'Yes' to proceed.

4. Sign into Aircall account.

5. Authorise Paytia to access your Aircall account. Allowing your teams, agents and telephone number to be imported by clicking 'Authorise.' 

6. You can now select the telephone number you want your customers to see when your business is calling them. You will be able to assign different numbers to teams later in the set up process.

7. Assign email delivery addresses to each Team/Department that has been imported. Once completed click 'Submit' to continue.

8. You can now pick the agents you wish to be allowed to process payments. You can select agents up to the number of available Paytia agent licenses you subscribed to. Once selected click 'Submit.'

9. You can now assign your agents to the telephone number customers will see outbound telephones being made from and to the correct Paytia department for payment alerting and reporting. Once completed click ‘Submit.’

You can resync Aircall information at any point from both the dashboard and the Virtual Terminal.

Inbound Calling

1. Your agents will automatically receive a welcome email inviting them to set their password.

2. Aircall agents will be logged into their Aircall softphone application.

3. Your agents can now login to paytia at: https://aircall4.pay729.net/login

4. When agents log in they will see the payment dashboard. If agents only take payments inbound or outbound calls this setting can be changed by adjusting the settings in the admin portal.

5. For now lets assume the agent is taking an inbound payment. The steps they will follow are

  1. A customer has called in using the new Paytia telephone number chosen in setup
  2. Paytia has forwarded that call to the team of the aircall agent
  3. The aircall agent has answered the call.
  4. A payment is required to be taken.
  5. The agent logs into their Paytia portal and clicks the ‘Inbound’ payment button (shown below)

6. When the agent's softphone is called they will see it is a payment call as it will be displayed on the insight card. Clicking the insight card link takes the agent to the Secure Virtual Terminal login screen.

7. The agent can now enter the details relating to the cardholder, the amount to be charged and any additional transaction or reference numbers. Then click 'next'

8. The agent can now enter the card holders billing and shipping address. These are used by the payment provider as extra validation of the cardholders identity.  Then click 'submit payment request'


Outbound Calling

1. Outbound calling – if the agent wishes to place an outbound call they will follow this procedure

  1. Log into the Paytia portal
  2. Click the ‘Outbound’ button
  3. Enter the telephone number they wish to call
  4. Click the ‘Send Number’ button to trigger the aircall softphone to dial

2 The agent will now hear instructions played to them over their aircall softphone.

  1. Please enter your three digit agent ID. This is show on the agent screen.
  2. The agent will confirm the ide entered was correct by dialling 1 on their airphone keypad
  3. The call is started automatically to the telephone number the agent entered to be dialled in step 1. Process is then the same as from Step 7 inbound.