Payment history

Payment history for transactions

This article outlines the payment history category and how to configure.

It covers the following:

Contents of payment history

This section is used for accessing information on telephone calls or transactions processed.

On the left-hand side of the Paytia platform you will see a category named Reports and alerts, click here and sub-menus will appear. Please click on the sub-menu named Payment history.

This report shows the payments that have been processed by your business using the Paytia service.

If you have a Paytia package without the reporting licence, then you will only be able to see the transaction report on screen.

If you have the reporting licence included in your package you will see the additional controls to filter the report by date, transaction type and to export the full or filtered search you have run.

Columns in the report


Sr no.

The line number for this report item

Unique ID

The uniqueID of the transaction processed. This ID number is sent also with the transaction to the payment provider so you can reconcile the transaction between the payment processor, Paytia and your bank.


This is the uniqueID of the telephone call the payment was taken on. The telephone Call Data Record (CDR) allows you to see the telephone number of your customer and time/date and duration of the call.

Txn Type

This is the type of payment transaction that was processed.

Reference No.

This is the reference number your business used for the transaction.

Account Number

This is an account number your business gave for the transaction.


This is the time and date that the payment was processed.

Customer tel number

This is the telephone number that called into or was called outbound through the Paytia service (the customer).

Card Brand

This was the card brand of the payment card used to make the payment i.e. Visa, Mastercard.

Total Sell price

This is the full gross charge amount of the payment processed.

Transaction Charge

This is any % charge levied for processing the payment.

Processing Charge

This is any flat authorisation charge for processing the transaction.

Paytia Fee

This is a fee Paytia charge on some packages for processing the payment.


This is the payment processing outcome and User ID number for the payment that was processed.

Acquirer Message

This is the message from the bank that settled the transaction payment.

Gateway Code

This is the response back from the Payment gateway service Paytia processed your payment through.

Gateway nickname

This was the gateway the payment was sent through. Each gateway account is mapped to your business bank account.

Search and filter

The All dropdown allows you to select to filter transaction by payment processing outcome. 

The date filter allows you to specify the to and from dates for your search range.

Search allows you to look for any text/numbers matching data in the payment table. It is a quick way to search and retrieve payment data.

The show filter allows you to show more than 10 rows at a time on the Paytia portal.