When I call Paytia it puts the call back through to our main business telephone number?

How inbound and outbound calling works on Paytia

Paytia telephony services work very simply in two directions.

  1. Inbound
  2. Outbound

When you call into the Paytia payment line number your business chose Paytia receives two telephone numbers.

  1. The number you called (this is the Paytia service number on your account)
  2. The telephone number you are calling from.

Paytia uses the telephone number you called to match to your Paytia account. It then looks at the telephone number you are calling from to see if your telephone number is a match to the numbers you have stored in your Paytia account as trusted numbers.

Paytia will look at the telephone numbers you stored in the following locations.

  • Configure telephony > Configure your secure-payment line
  • Administer users > Users
  • Administer users > Department

Providing we see a match to one of these numbers calling into Paytia we will treat the call as though it is an employee calling out to a customer.

If we do not get a match to a stored (trusted) telephone number, we will treat the calls as though it is a customer calling your business and Paytia will forward the call onto your business telephone number you entered in

Configure telephony > Configure your secure-payment line