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Aircall and Paytia announces partnership securing phone payments

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London, 20th May 2021. Paytia announces a technology partnership with Aircall to help thousands of call centres worldwide avoid GDPR and PCI-DSS pitfalls

Call centres around the world have seen a surge in business thanks to home-shopping and remote working during the pandemic. With the move to more flexible working practices, they are also struggling to adapt practices to comply with privacy and security regulations that pose significant and expensive technical challenges. Paytia and Aircall are now collaborating to integrate their respective products - call centre software and secure transaction processing - to minimise the movement of private data and win the battle for customer trust.

Aircall is a 100% Cloud-based call centre application suite, powering thousands of customer support centres and telesales teams around the world. Numerous surveys show that customers prefer to conduct business directly with human personnel, but the industry faces two big problems: growing customer distrust of payment systems due to hacks and card fraud, and technical challenges in complying with new bodies of data and privacy legislation.

Card industry terms and conditions have always presented difficulties for call centres because financial and identity-verification procedures require the recital of sensitive data over public telephone lines. The risks are also increasing because growing numbers of agents work remotely in virtual call centres. Tighter privacy protection rules in acts such as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) impose additional responsibilities and severe penalties for disregarding them. The following are just a few of those responsibilities:

  • Limit access to sensitive information including card numbers to only those who need it.

  • Encrypt the transmission of sensitive information such as card numbers when using public networks.

  • Do not allow call recording equipment to archive account numbers and security codes.

  • Provide robust (electronic) protection for all stored information

  • Physically restrict access to the devices on which personal data is stored.
  • Monitor and record all access to that data.
  • Provide all stored data to the customer on demand and delete it entirely on request. 

Most of these requirements are technically complex for businesses that take payments over the telephone.

This partnership immediately enables the Paytia secure payment service on their existing Aircall account. Gone is the need to ask customers to read out their card details aloud when paying for goods and services. Instead, the Paytia service enables customers to use their own telephone keypad to enter their card details. The staff member taking the payment will have no access to the credit card information.

It’s a simple approach that removes the need for the Aircall telephony users to ever need to put their customer's card data at risk again.

Paytia CEO Curtis Nash commented: “We’re excited to be partnering with Aircall. We have a common purpose: to transform the ease with which businesses can get the most from human interactions over the phone, but also to take payments with the same level of security that consumers experience when buying online or in-store."

The collaboration ensures seamless installation of the Paytia secure terminal app as an extension of Aircall’s existing agent desktop. The result is a market-leading enterprise infrastructure. Several thousand businesses already using Aircall software will be able to benefit immediately.

90% of businesses are still conducting insecure business, requiring visitors to read their credit card details over insecure phone lines, requiring customers to read private details aloud in public places and needlessly storing the information in the form of voice recordings. These practices expose those businesses to a high risk of card fraud and data protection penalties. These businesses are increasingly pitched against each other to win customer trust and loyalty. Paytia + Aircall provides the winning edge.

“There is so much value in voice. Aircall helps businesses maintain and benefit from that authentic human connection” notes Aircall CEO Olivier Pailhès.

According to the Forbes article “I just want to talk to a human” [1] 55% of people prefer to deal with human agents rather than websites or robots. Paytia’s security solution helps preserve the human option in a safe and compliant form.

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