Protect your customers, your employees and your business

Pay729's patented telephone payment solution allows businesses to  take telephone payments anywhere and on any telephone number without  the need to ask their customers to read out their card details on the call. Pay729 keeps it simple to use and affordable to run.




What are secure telephone payments?

A business has the responsibility to process payment cards securely in order to protect the company, their employees and its customers from risks of data compromise and fraud.

PCI DSS is a set of requirements for securing payment transactions and protecting cardholders against misuse of their personal information. Non compliance with the requirements can mean significant fines and the loss of the privilege of accepting payment cards.

When it comes to taking phone payments, compliance becomes particularly challenging, and requires many complex checks and controls. It involves making sure data can't be illicitly collected by any means, and that Sensitive Authentication Data (SAD) is not stored on call recordings.

Pay729 removes payment complexities and provides a fully PCI DSS compliant, easy to use, cost-effective telephone payment solution. 

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How does Pay729 work?

  • The vendor takes the customer's call from anywhere
  • When the customer wishes to pay by card over the phone, the vendor simply dials 729 and the payment process is started
  • The customer and vendor use their telephone keypad to securley enter their transaction details
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The next evolution of secure telephone payments

Do you have the "Pay729 security"?
Full PCI DSS compliance
No data handling
All you need is your telephone
No extra system or hardware required
Quick setup
And on-going, direct support
Accept payments on the move
No need for a card machine or computer

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